One of the biggest advantages of Bergells for holiday guests is the opportunity to undertake a wide variety of hiking, mountaineering and climbing on any difficulty.

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The Val Bregaglia connects the Engadin with Lake Como, as one of the four large valleys of the canton Grigioni. Running for 26km, from Castasegna at the border to Italy all the way to Maloja, it spans an altitude from less than 700 metres to over 1800. Thus, it also runs through several climate zones and its vegetations differs accordingly, including vines in Castasegna and the famous chestnut tree forests. Despite being very narrow, the orientation of the valley makes for abundant sun in most places, except in some places during high winter.

The landscape offers everything from easy walks which can be done by families with small children all the way to extreme climbs known and feared amongst alpine enthusiasts. Despite being a main throughfare, Val Bregaglia, especially in recent times when motorways and tunnels diverted the flow of traffic to other parts of the Alps, has maintained an atmosphere of quiet and relaxation. It was in the 16th and 17th century that the Val Bregaglia achieved its biggest claim to power and richness, as its families at the time controlled access to Lombardy from the rest of Europe over the Septimer pass (which runs right behing Casaccia and today is accessible on foot only) and the Maloja pass. It was in this time that many great houses and even palaces were built in the valley.

Today, Val Bregaglia has shrunk to house 5 villages with 1500 inhabitants; the official language is Italian, though a frequently spoken dialect, the “bargaiot”, mixes Italian and romantsch words with some German elements. Val Bregaglia is also known as birthplace or place of work for such famous artists as the Giacomettis (Alberto, Giovanni, Augusto, Diego) or Giovanni Segantini. The local museum in Stampa does an excellent job at bringing the history of the valley, its works of art, and its natural and social history to the understanding of the visitor.

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